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Core Vision Concepts

helps organizations and individuals develop clarity and a tangible roadmap for success, enabling us to take your career and life to the next level.
Whether moving into a leadership position, striving to balance career and personal life, or searching for fulfillment, we can help you discover who you are and how you define success.
Our first goal is developing a clear vision for success. Our second goal is achieving it.



Creating the Future


Empowerment. Results.

Core Vision Concepts provides two main types of professional coaching.

One-on-one leadership coaching

for new leaders moving into roles that require more leadership presence, confidence and great responsibility, and for experienced leaders working to increase their effectiveness and create a stronger team environment.

Coaching for corporate teams

to increase morale and improve the effectiveness of each of the members, and the group as a whole. Focus is put on working towards the strengths of members, and building empowering relationships to enable team members to excel and envision a clear path for success.

The Core Vision Approach

Some people are ready to take their life to the next level, some are ready to pause and re-invent who they are before moving forward. The important thing is understanding these questions:
We move through these stages by looking closely at your core values and what’s important to you. We identify what gets in your way and what patterns need to be broken in order to move forward. We then create structures that work for you and your style to accomplish the vision you’ve created for yourself.
You will have assignments, you will face things you’ve been avoiding, and you will reach a new level.

It's simple

Carri helps create leaders

Carri Scuba partners with leaders to produce extraordinary results in their professional and personal lives. Through an ongoing partnership, Carri helps her clients get out of their own way and into action. She is regarded for her unique insights and ability to capture the core essence of her clients. Envisioning a future of possibility versus predictability, she supports individuals in uncovering challenges that have previously stopped them while championing new actions and behaviors that result in powerful outcomes.
Working as a leadership coach for over 15 years in a myriad of industries, Carri collaborates with her clients to co-create the distinctive structures that will provide the most benefit. After working with Carri, her clients cite a renewed sense of self-confidence, enhanced communication skills, access to more energy, and the ability to relate to themselves and others in ways never experienced before.


Hear what others have to say

Who Carri Scuba is for me is a champion for my life. What her coaching has provided for me is immeasurable. As my Life Coach Carri took a stand for my success, for my greatness and for my life even when I didn’t want to, when I thought I couldn’t and when I was afraid to. Her coaching was tough, in my face, relentless, persistent and so full of compassion and a commitment for my greatness that there was no question what so ever that I was going to succeed at what I said I would do. Her coaching caused me to see ways that I was being that was not consistent to what I said I was up to. The brilliance of her coaching is that she does not tell me what I need to know, she creates a space of inquiry such that I self discover what there is to learn which is extremely powerful and transformational.

Jeffrey Anderson Sr. Analyst, Sharp Healthcare

Carri has shown me that moving out of my comfort zone means possibilities. I have learned coping mechanisms to combat the fear of change. I actually am relishing the rapid and big changes going on in my life. I am making choices that are out of my comfort zone and am excited at the results. Also, she has helped me come from the place of loving expression when dealing with people. This has helped when dealing with potentially confrontational situations and co-workers. The conflicts were resolved with positive truth and had a very positive result.

Felice Taylor Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo

I have been working with Carri Scuba for a little more than a year now and I am blown away by the results. In the last year, I have achieved things that were not possible in my world before working with Carri. I did not come to Carri to find out how to be on time or manage my checkbook. I come to Carri with my life’s dreams… those things that if they came true, my life would be heaven on earth. And the miracle is that Carri delivers them to me.

Londin Winters Executive Producer, City Explorer TV

Simply put, Carri Scuba is leadership personified. I interviewed many coaches before choosing Carri, and I have been thrilled with my choice. From the first time we spoke Carri inspired to me to live from my essence and my purpose and to reach for more. After our first call I secured a new client that more than paid for my investment in coaching. Carri knew how to get up underneath me and my goals and how to apply just the right amount of exactly what was needed at just the right time. I had a session with Carri today, and within two hours of it secured yet another new client contract.  It's not always easy to train a trainer, but Carri did it with power, grace and laser beam focus. If you are looking for no-nonsense results, step up to the plate and hire Carri Scuba.

Lisa Sasevich Sales Conversion Specialist Consultant, Speaker, Trainer

I can't say enough about how powerful the coaching I have received from Carri has been. I have been in Human Resources for over fifteen years and have been familiar with many executive coaches. In my experience I have never seen (or experienced) a style of coaching that goes so deep, so fast and delivers such great results. It has far exceeded my expectations.

Kristen Ward HR Director Fannie Mae Mortgage

When I began working with Carri, I thought I was unhappy with my job…actually I thought I had the worst job in the world and it was time for a change. I actually went back to school to begin my approach to a whole new arena. A year later, I realize that I had the right job all along and by merely changing the way I approached my engagements, my staff, my clients, I was able to actually find a position I enjoy. Now, I’m being promoted, I’m comfortable with being straightforward with my staff and managers and I’ve retained the support of my clients. I’ve noticed an overwhelming change in myself – one that I thought could only be accomplished with an entire career change, but was simply a perception change…a change that was much easier with the support of a coach.

Kelly Gabel Amper, Politziner & Mattia

I worked with Carri as my goal coach for approximately 9 months. Recommended to me by the Human Resources department of my employer, I was quite skeptical of the coaching process at first. However, looking back, I believe it to have been the biggest force in helping me attain the recent significant accomplishments in both my professional and personal life. Through my weekly coaching sessions, Carri’s guidance and insight proved to be instrumental in helping me get promoted to the Senior Manager level of my organization. Her coaching techniques were equally responsible for me losing twenty-five pounds in less than six months.
I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Carri Scuba this past year. She has played an important role in both my professional development and my becoming the person I want to be. I am more confident than ever before. I no longer approach day to day tasks and challenges with that “daunting feeling”. I owe a lot to her. Thank you Carri!

Joseph G. Grillo EisnerAmper LLP

Carri contributed immensely to our culture, client relationships, and bottom line. Carri is one of the strongest people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. She will drive growth and goal realization with whomever and whatever she is involved.

Karleen Andersen Vice President/General Manager at Monster Worldwide

I am happy to recommend Carri Scuba as a professional coach. I have met many people in this field, but seldom seen anyone with her degree of commitment and dedication. She truly cares. Carri can not only help you be more productive – she can help you have a better life!

Marshall Goldsmith Author and co-editor of 22 books, including Coaching for Leadership and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Marshall has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal – as one of the top ten executive educators, by Forbes – as one of five most respected executive coaches, & by The Economist – as one of the most credible thought leaders in the new era of business.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in reaching new levels of success in their life and/or career to speak with Carri Scuba. She is a bright and energetic woman who brings a passion to her work as an Executive Coach.

Gary Ranker Recognized by Forbes as one of five most-respected executive coaches Gary has been selected by the Financial Times to be one of 50 worldwide Thought Leaders

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